Arcade Machines

The Arcade Machines in this group are all projects, in need of repair and fairly battle scarred from years of use and abuse. The aim is not to restore them as new but to repair to reliable working condition, retaining as many original components and features as possible.

Autorec Arcade Machine, made in Australia

Taito Missile Command TT, made in Japan

Taito Upright Arcade, made in Japan

Gottlieb Challenger, made in Australia

Golden Tee Fore 2005, made in USA

Hankin Upright Arcade, made in Australia

Mirco Challenge Cocktail, made in USA

'Lowboy' Arcade, made in Australia

Logi Tec Space Invaders Colour TT, made in Japan

Silverline Jamma Arcade, made in UK

Midway Touchmaster 7000, made in USA

Gottlieb Lowboy driving cab. made in Australia

Arcade Machine Projects

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